In a fruitful, celebrated and much-honored career (hecounts a Grammy for 1996’s James Cotton album Deep In the Blue among his multiple blues-related awards) that dates on record all the way back to 1970, blues pianist David Maxwell has arguably hit his high note with his inspired new release, the all-instrumental Blues In Other Colors. With his latest effort, Maxwell is throwing down the gauntlet, challenging other blues players to be similarly inventive in exploring the music’s deepest sources in the Old World. He’s doing it with all original songs blending aspects of traditional post-war urban blues with instruments and melodies found in the traditional music of other western and eastern cultures.

Folk & Acoustic Music Exchange

“…I was now helpless, hooked. Blues in other Colors, as I listened, was becoming one of those rare beasts tried out in the 70s by Emil Richards and others, but becoming sooooo much more masterful now… In short, Blues in other Colors is a horse of a different palette, a rainbow erupting right in front of my face,dazzling 'one and all with an exotic range of hues that can't help but mesmerize.”  
By Mark Tucker, Folk & Acoustic Music Exchange

Blues In Britain

“David Maxwell is one of the premier blues pianists ofhis generation, and on this release he follows musicalgiants like Ry Cooder and Taj Mahal in producing a set that effectively melds traditional blues with the roots music of India, Morocco, West Africa, Turkey and Spain….“Just The Blues” is exactly that as Maxwell demonstrates just why he is held in such high respect”
By Mick Rainsford, BLUES IN BRITAIN

“The journey David Maxwell takes us on is a bluesy, South Asian, Mid-East destination, and it is an exhilarating listening experience… there may be no tighter keyboard player than the incredibly versatile David Maxwell. He plays with an intensity that is onlymatched by the featured musicians who surround him on this album’s iridescent shades of the blues.” By Greg Victor,

Exclaim Magazine

“On this eclectic and fascinating disc, he fuses blues and world music styles in convincing fashion... All 13 instrumental numbers are original, proving that Maxwell is an imaginative composer as well. The absence of vocals allows the listener to create their own film to accompany these vivid soundscapes.”
By Kerry Doole, Exclaim Magazine


“Maxwell’s latest release, Blues in Other Colors (Shining Stone Records), is probably his most ambitious yet… Maxwell and he expertly mixes his traditional blues piano playing (with an occasional venture into jazz territory) with these unique instruments… with Maxwell and the excellent rhythmsection, the blues is still very present on these tracks, fading to the background one minute, then emerging to the forefront the next.  It all fits togetherseamlessly.”

Blues Matters

“Sitting in an unusual juxtaposition of jazz-blues and improvisation it is hard to pigeonhole David Maxwell’s album as anything but an enlightening journey… It’s a revealing journey and an interesting exploration of non-western instruments… The whole set is definitely worth a visit and is quite reverential to our mutual heritage.” By Gareth Hayes, Blues Matters

Artist Spotlight

Most Unique & Beautiful CD of 2013 – David Maxwell – Blues In Other Colors
David Maxwell is one of the best piano players around today. Blues In Other Colors
 is world music in a blues style with a fare amount of time spent on the near east. Some of the songs are more blues in raw feelings and emotions than as a twelve bar blues. I’d call this David Maxwell’s masterpiece but he’ll probably make a liar of me with his next CD.

Artist Spotlight